Can You Use a Fertilizer Spreader for Salt?

Since a fertilizer spreader has been designed to distribute evenly on any lawn, farm, land, or garden, it can be used for various fertilizer distribution applications. Thus there are many types of fertilizers spread into the market.

What would be suitable for distributing Salt evenly on your lawn or garden? If you are looking for an answer to the question: can you use a fertilizer spreader for Salt? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will not answer this question but also the advantages & disadvantages of using fertilizer spreaders for Salt. Later on, we will also find out what spreader is suitable for Salt and then the differences between salt spreaders and fertilizer spreaders in terms of effectiveness.

Can You Use a Fertilizer Spreader for Salt?

Salt can be technically used in a fertilizer spreader, but it is not a preferred or recommended option. Instead, a salt spreader is specially designed for this purpose. It would be best to look into the Salt evenly on the lawn or garden with a salt spreader rather than choosing a fertilizer spreader.

Since Salt is a different substance, fertilizers spreaders may be unable to distribute it evenly on your lawn or garden. Fertiliser spreaders are specially designed to distribute fertilizers only. To distribute Salt, you need a specific type of salt spreader for a precise result and to avoid overspreading.

When using a fertilizer spreader for sale, it would be essential to keep it clean and free from any fertilizer residue. You’ll also have to adjust the correct Setting foSettingalt application if you use a fertilizer spreader for Salt.

Other than this, take safety precautions to avoid damaging the spreader. Even though fertilizer spreaders can spread Salt if adjusted at the correct sSetting, they will not be able to give you as satisfactory a result as a salt spreader.

You might end up with an application of cell salt. Therefore before we learn how you can use a fertilizer for Salt or what would be the best salt spreader for this purpose, let’s find out what is the use of a fertilizer spreader and the pros and cons of using a fertilizer spreader for Salt.

What Is The Use Of A Fertilizer Spreader? 

A fertilizer spreader is known for distributing fertilizer evenly on any lawn, farmland, or garden. Many fertilizer spreaders can be attached to a vehicle, like a tractor or ATV. Most fertilizer spreaders contain a hopper that holds fertilizer in it with a rolling mechanism installed to spread it out evenly across the lawn or garden.

Gardeners and farmers use fertilizer spreaders on their farmland or property to distribute fertilizer evenly. It is a critical component of proper fertilization and evenly promotes new growth. An even distribution of fertilizer will help plants grow more vigorously.

However, not all types of spreaders are suitable for Salt spreading. It is essential to find the right kind of spreader for your specific need and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to use it properly.

You should follow a systematic approach to evenly distributing Salt on the lawn and garden. In addition, using the correct type of spreader will also save you a lot of energy and time compared to manually spreading the Salt. Therefore, let’s find out the different types of spreaders available in the market and the best ones to use for Salt.

Types of Fertiliser Spreaders

Broadcast Spreaders.

Broadcast Spreaders are one of the most common types of fertilizers that lawn owners and farmland owners prefer to use. As most broadcast spreaders can be attached to a vehicle like a TV or a tractor, it is also one of the most liked and preferred choices among beginners.

The broadcast spreader comes with the Hopper that holds the fertilizer and a mechanism to distribute it evenly as it moves. Broadcast spreaders are typically suitable for extensive farmland and gardens covering many grounds. 

Drop Spreaders 

Drop Spreaders are almost similar to broadcast Spreaders, but they contain a mechanism that helps release the fertilizer only to a certain point as the user sets it. Instead of distributing the fertilizer continuously, you can adjust the amount of fertilizer you want & avoid overapplication for a more precise result.

Handheld Spreaders.

These types of spreaders are suitable for small lawns and gardens. If your garden has spot-fitting areas, handheld spreaders are a better investment than most other options. This spreader is more compact and smaller than drop spreaders and broadcast traders.

5 Advantages Of Using A Fertiliser Spreader For Salt 

  1. The most significant advantage of using a fertilizer spreader to distribute Salt is it saves you a lot of energy and time compared to spreading it manually on your garden or lawn.
  2.  Fertiliser spreaders can give you evenly distributed Salt on your garden or lawn if set on the correct Setting for application.
  3.  A fertilizer spreader can be used to distribute Salt on a large area making it more efficient in covering more ground in less time with the Salt.
  4.  You can adjust the specific application rate on your fertilizer spreader to get precise and satisfactory results. You get complete control of the amount of Salt applied to your garden or lawn. 
  5.  A fertilizer spreader can also spread seeds, limes, and many more. However, correct Setting and anSettingcation rate adjustment are mandatory depending upon the required application.

Always remember that most of these features are effectively available with salt spreaders. More importantly, a fertilized spreader will not be able to give you as good results as a salt spreader.

In addition, a fertilizer spreader is not designed for spreading Salt, which can lead to wear and tear on the equipment if not cleaned or used correctly. Always follow the manufacturer’s advice and use the fertilizer spreader as designed. Let’s talk about some disadvantages of using fertilizer for Salt.

3 Disadvantages Of Using A Fertiliser Spreader For Salt

There are many disadvantages to using a fertilizer spreader.

  • It can lead to wear and tear on the equipment. Other than this, a fertilizer spreader will not be able to spread Salt as delicate as a salt spreader. Salt can also cause damage to the spreader if it is not designed for such use. 
  •  Over-application of Salt also results if a fertilizer spreader is used in the wrong Setting, further damaging this soil and plants. Using a fertilizer spreader for Salt can also be potentially very dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. 
  •  A fertilizer spreader is not recommended to distribute Salt on extensive farmland. Prolonged usage of Salt in fertilizer spreaders may result in rust and corrosion formation. 

Since fertilizer spreader is less efficient than a salt spreader, it is always advised to use it. After weighing the potential benefits against the potential downsides, it is up to you to decide whether you want to take the risk.

If you still need convincing, let’s talk adiscussignificant differences between salt and fertilizer spreaders. Afterward, we will discuss using a fertilizer spreader for Salt if you don’t have any options.

Salt Spreaders Vs. Fertiliser Spreaders

Salt spreaders are more durable than fertilizer spreaders for distributing Salt on lawns and gardens. It can also withstand the harsh conditions of spreading Salt form, rust, corrosion, or any other damage.

If you are looking for a long-term solution or you distribute Salt very often in your garden, it is advised to get a salt spreader for longevity and better performance. Salt spreaders are also designed in a specific pattern to spread Salt to give you a satisfactory result.

Fertiliser spreaders will not be able to distribute Salt and salt spreaders, which may also result in the over-application of Salt when using it. Since you can also adjust the specific rate to spread Salt on a salt spreader,.you will not be able to achieve the same level of control with a fertilizer spreader. In terms of ease of maintenance, salt spreaders are easier to maintain and use on any ground.

How To Use A Fertilizer Spreader For Salt?

  1. Firstly, cleaning the fertilizer spreader properly is recommended, ensuring it continues to have no sign of fertilizer residue before putting Salt in it. 
  2.  Afterward, adjust this fertilizer spreader for salt application at the correct rate. Depending upon the specific spreader, the proper adjustment rate will vary. I advise you to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  3.  Now, you can fill the Salt into the spreader container or Hopper. Make sure you are using the correct type of Salt for your garden.
  4.  Slowly pulling or pushing the spreader on your lawn or garden surface can begin spreading the Salt. If there is any specific area to be treated, cover it. If there is a large area, never mind attaching the spreader to a TV or a tractor to distribute the Salt evenly.
  5.  While operating the spreader, monitor the Salt on this lawn surface and adjust it accordingly if it doesn’t meet your requirements or desires.

I recommend you take some precautions and wear safety gear to avoid injury. To prevent damage, I urge you to clean the fertilizer spreader before and after use.


Even though fertilizer spreaders can be used for Salt, salt spreaders are less effective. There can be many advantages to using a fertilizer spreader, but the downsides are more concerning. If you are looking to save energy and time but have no option, you can go with a fertilizer spreader for one time.

Since it has yet to be designed for Salt application ll, using it to distribute Salt more often will result in wear & tear on the tool. You will also need more than a fertilizer spreader to achieve a satisfactory result.

If you find the article helpful, then consider sharing it. Your share will help many people learn about the actual use of Salt in fertilizer spreaders.

After knowing so many things about the question: ‘can you use a fertilizer spreader for Salt,’ you might be looking to get a salt spreader. If this is the case, you should check out this one. Do check our other helpful guide on gardening. See you in the next post, then take care and goodbye.

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