dacorating your small living room

Home decoration is a tough job especially when you are not sure about how you want to add too many styles in the small limited space that you have. Most of the urban apartments today have small living room space and therefore it becomes really tough for people to add too many things.

This is why most people look out for tips for decorating your small living room.

If you are on the internet you can definitely come up across many websites that can provide you with information and tips on how to decorate smaller urban apartments.

Before taking any action, consider how you will use your new space:

  • Is it where you entertain guests?
  • Does the TV face the sofa or is the seating arrangement focused on the conversation?
  • Do you like to read with a cup of tea or coffee beside the fireplace?

Take some time to plan out what’s important. You may need to move furniture around several times before you get the final shape of them.

Here you can find some interesting tips to decorate smaller urban apartments in a better way without spending too much of your income.

Tips for Decorating Your Small Living Room

1. Color:

The living room is an important part of your home and it can reflect your social status since your guests usually make an impression of your personality and social status by taking a good look at the decor of your living room.

Hence, you need to be very careful while decorating the living room. Hence, when you are decorating your small living room you need to ensure that you select bold colors that can surprise your guests for sure.

Usually, you will find that living rooms have neutral colors that look very dull, boring, and outdated. Hence, you should try and come up with various bold colors that can help you to provide better looks to your living room.

You can go for bright hot colors like yellow, red and green, and other primary colors.

decorating your small living room
Decorating Your Small Living Room

2. Lighting:

Smaller living rooms are hard to decorate because they do not reflect light. If you have a small living room where you cannot add too much natural sunlight then you need to come up with more mirrors that can help you to disperse more natural light in the room.

Many designers make use of mirrors intelligently to provide better light reflection. This not only provides natural sunlight to the room but makes the room look brighter and better.

This also helps the people to cut down the use of electricity during day time as there is a good amount of light during the day time.

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3. Photos & Paintings:

Contemporary art can also make your living room look better and therefore you can always look out for smaller contemporary art paintings and pictures that you can use to decorate the walls.

There are many websites where you can find this contemporary art at a reasonable price and therefore you can buy it according to the wall colors of your living room.

If you are not interested in spending more money you can always use digital photo printing technology and edit your family pictures to post them on the wall.

4. Furniture:

When you are buying furniture for your living room you need to make sure that they do not take up more space. This is why you will need to be sure about the furniture that you are buying.

Do not go for bulky furniture that will take up most of the floor space and make your living room too crowded. You can always look out for small armchairs and sectional sofa that you can use in the corner.

This way you can make the most of the living room space that you have. If you have too many things to keep in the living room you can make use of decorative racks where you can put up things in tidy order.

5. Flooring:

Flooring is equally important when you are going for a decent living room that has limited space. Many people love carpets but carpets look good only when the room has more space.

If you have a small living room carpets can make you feel that the room looks smaller and it does not blend with the surroundings.


Whether you live in a small apartment or just want to make your living room more functional and cozy, the tips above can help you.

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