Does Neem Oil Work On Spider Mites

May you have faced plenty of garden pests in the past, but of all of them, spider mites might be the most annoying. They exist out of nowhere and can reproduce hurriedly, and if they aren’t treated, they’ll eat up the chlorophyll from your plants and kill them within a few days.

However, these insects are so stubborn and dogged that they do not want to die quickly, even with the regular application of neem oil. But this article will only ask you to use a few options.

Also, unnecessary complications have been excluded from the choices that we will ask to use. Here are some treasured tips to help you get success against spider mites quickly with neem oil.

Our stand on Neem oil and Spider Mites

Spider mites are little pests that, if unchecked, can cause serious harm to plants. These are typical garden pests, but getting rid of them can be complicated.

Many will claim that observation is the key to spotting spider mites on plants early and controlling them before too much damage has been done. But we know your problem. To fight with the Spider mites in that way looks pretty childlike.

Instead, we recommend newer and more innovative ways with so-called neem oil to satisfy you at this point. Early detection of a spider mite infestation and diligent application of our more brilliant control method are prerequisites for effective control methods.

And finally, with a bit of intelligence, you have to apply it frequently, in the correct dose and proportion, by choosing the right tool, which we will tell you right now.

Does Neem Oil Work On Spider Mites?

When the leaves on your plant look like they are covered with thousands of tiny spots, chances are you have a spider mite infestation. If you’re an eco-conscious home gardener, you’ll reach for the most famous plant-based pesticide, such as neem oil, to minimize the effects of chemicals on the environment. 

The reason neem oil “works fine” is that bugs hate the taste of it. Unfortunately, spider mites are a problem as long as you have a living egg or mite around. They can go for long periods without food, giving your plants a chance to grow untreated foliage. Neem oil may drive them away for a bit, but it doesn’t kill them and will most likely cause problems. 

However, we will not give you a pessimistic guide on how to kill spider mites with neem oil. Our long-time experienced gardeners have discovered the right ways to eliminate them, which you will benefit from knowing in this scope. If the neem oil is ineffective, you might be misusing it.

How To Use Neem Oil For Spider Mites?

One of our expert gardeners used it in large quantities when many needed help with using neem oil. Instead, a high concentration of the naturally occurring insecticide Pyrethrin, like Doctor Doom Mite Knockout, was used.

After spraying, the tree was almost wet for a long time. However, this option is quite costly even if the spider mites are killed in this method. So in this regard, our particular experiments on applying neem oil will give you the trick to be successful. In this case, we want to know some techniques to use. Only then will neem oil kill spider mites.

Killing spider mites with neem oil solution must follow the points for plants:

  • Go for a minimum of 4-5 dosages.
  • Maintain 3-4 days apart.
  • Every 3-4 days for two weeks. 
  • Soak everything right before lights out.

And ultimately, collect a small 1-gallon pump sprayer with an angled, long nozzle that makes it simple and prevents you from bending and toppling your plants. Because they are very cunning, they can surprisingly hide in the underside of leaves, curled flower petals, or even soft stem cleavages.

In this case, the straight nozzle spray tool cannot be effective. No matter how often you try to use it daily or apply it to many plants, you will get tired. Because repeatedly you must hold each leaf and flower bud and spray it ideally for a long time. It is exhausting.

That is why curved nozzles are specifically mentioned here. This curved nozzle tool will save you from fatigue while making spraying methods efficient.

You can easily bathe in neem oil, the spider mites that hide easily in all places, from the leaves of your plants to the flower petals. If you apply neem oil as frequently as we have suggested, the spider mites will eventually accept defeat and leave, as they cannot reproduce.

Also, apply once a week and continue until two to three weeks before harvest. You can free the large trees from the grip of spider mites in the same way. But in that case, you must make elaborate arrangements and preparations, keeping the proportions right as follows.

Neem Oil Ratio For Spider Mites

In a sprayer, combine 0.25 teaspoon insecticidal soap with 1-quart hot water. Including one teaspoon of organic neem oil to mix the materials, keep the ratio constant and shake the sprayer vigorously.

Dish soap droplets are sufficient to emulsify the mixture. Never combine oil and water; they will never blend. If you don’t care for the scent of neem oil, you can add a minimal amount of droplets of rosemary oil.

Does Neem Oil Kill Spider Mite Eggs?

These pests go through four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. When spider mites overwinter on a plant, the damage they cause is immediate and extensive when the eggs emerge in the spring.

In the fall of each year, a female adult spider mite lays her eggs on the leaves and bark of the chosen host plant. The eggs stay there all winter until the weather starts to warm up in the early spring—the eggs hatch due to the warm weather.

When the tiny, six-legged larvae first appear, they start feeding on the host plant. The larvae will cling to the underside of the plant leaf in a day or two to molt into their initial 8-legged adult form. Within seven days, the spider mite will go through three molting cycles, at which point it will be ready to feed on plants and reproduce.

After mating, an adult female spider mite will produce 300 eggs daily for the next two weeks. Since one plant cannot support that many spider mites, they have created a clever means of transportation. On windy days, you can observe tiny pieces of white web blowing between plants in an area where spider mites are severely overpopulated.

Now that you’ve had time to learn, it’s time to get rid of the spider mite eggs. A spider mite infestation must be found as soon as possible. The mites’ eggs are often translucent before turning cream right before hatching.

Two-spotted mites dwell in webbing-making colonies. The eggs are only visible under a microscope and are frequently placed singly close to leaf veins, resembling tiny water droplets. They emerge clear and spherical before hatching and then change to a cream color.

These small arachnids typically measure between half and one millimeter in length. Use a hand lens with 10x or higher magnification to get a good look at them.

Start applying neem oil immediately. Repeat the neem oil application every day of the first week. Neem oil applications are repeated to ensure that spider mite eggs and larvae evaded the initial application are also killed.

Remember, Eggs from spider mites will be present where they are, just waiting for the right moment to hatch. Plant trimmings should be disposed of by placing them in a plastic bag or tightly wrapping them in a newspaper. Doing this may prevent the pests from spreading to any other plants in your landscape and manage the infestation.

Early detection of a spider mite infestation also allows you to use neem oil and water to eradicate the spider mite colony. Use the curved hose nozzle to spray them off the plant and onto a hard surface, such as a concrete sidewalk, while aiming at the affected region. Blast the pests’ waste into any surrounding storm drains to drown them if there are any.

What Does Neem Oil Do To Spider Mites

Repeated applications will starve the spider mites long-term, forcing them to leave the area.

Neem Oil For Spider Mites: Pros & Cons

Neem Oil is considered one of the safest and most organic at a lower price. Birds, pollinating insects, and soil-loving animals, including bees, butterflies, lady beetles, and earthworms, are not harmed by neem oil.

According to the EPA, Neem oil interferes with various stages of a harmful insect’s life cycle, including feeding, molting, mating, and egg-laying. Neem oil is effective against multiple pests, including scale, Japanese beetles, moth larvae, and scale, in addition to spider mites. Because it kills mites, not insects but relatives of spiders and ticks, neem oil is indeed a spider mite killer.

Neem oil should never be used in warm weather (beyond 80°-90°F) or during the day unless it’s expected to be quite cloudy all day. The optimal time to apply is morning or evening. It also harms beehives and has a bad smell for pets and somebodies. 

Using Neem Oil For Spider Mites On Tomatoes

Throughout the growing season, tomato plants can be treated with neem oil as a soil drencher and foliar spray.

Using Neem Oil For Spider Mites On Cannabis

Neem oil is exceedingly effective as a soil-drencher and foliar spray for cannabis. Though, Neem oil shouldn’t be sprayed on cannabis plants three weeks before harvest, according to growers. The plant’s flavor may be harmed if the oil is utilized too soon before harvest.

Using Neem Oil For Spider Mites On Weed

If spider mites in weeds are not killed correctly, the infestation can start from there on your valuable plants. You can use Neem seed kernel extracts or NSKE ready with pentane.

Neem Oil Vs. Insecticidal Soap For Spider Mites

Neem oil only degrades the environment more slowly than insecticidal soap does. A non-selective insecticide, insecticidal soap kills both favorable and unfavorable insects, unlike neem oil, which only affects pests while not affecting beneficial insects.


How Much Neem Oil For Spider Mites

Measure the size of the issue: You’ll need a lot less spray if you’re only treating a few indoor garden plants than if you’re spraying many garden beds.

How Often To Spray Neem Oil For Spider Mites

Depending on the severity level, Once a month for any plant, maintain a 3-4 days gap for moderately affected plants and daily for significantly affected plants.

How To Mix Neem Oil For Spider Mites

With warm water and insecticidal soap, shake the mix hard.

Can Neem Oil Kill Spider mites? 

The answer to this question is partly yes and partly no. However, our experience justifies our neem oil repellent recipe as neem oil can remove Spider mites to run them off. Here we are saying something other than catching them promptly is the only solution, though spider mites are difficult to destroy completely.


Instead of turning a spider mite problem into a Gardening mess in monotonous ways, we have shown courage by using neem oil spray for Spider mites as a weapon. Science on Timing and Dosage of Neem oil is our formula thereby.

There are many complications in finding other expensive options instead of neem oil against Spider mites. Following the prevention approach is better than the cure approach; you can somehow repel spider mites with neem oil.

Follow all the neem oil techniques we have explained in this article on neem oil vs. spider mites. It is enough to become a spider mite magician easily with neem oil. Just vanish if you can’t kill. Get this technique right; spider mites will never be the enemy of your garden again.

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