How To Grow Raspberries In Your Garden

A member of the mulberry family, the raspberry is a splendid fruit related to the Blackberry and Boysenberry. Raspberries bloom in the summer or autumn, and the needs of the different sizes and types of berry plants vary.

If you choose the right plants, you can have a long fruiting season – all the way from June to July. Below you will find more information about how to grow raspberries in your garden.

Raspberries need moist soil during the fruiting period. The ideal location in your garden, then, is somewhere that has moist soil. Raspberries can be grown in the shade and also grown in containers rather than in the ground.

Raspberries are easy to find online or from any local garden centre. You need to make sure you plant them as soon as possible and follow these planning suggestions:

  1. Soak plants for one hour in water before planting.
  2. Utilize compost or well-rotted manure for planning.
  3. Plant Raspberries along a support structure, so they can grow upwards.
  4. Add mulch and water regularly to the plants carefully during the growing season.
  5. Plants can last for approximately 10 years. The main deterrent to growth is a virus that often delays its growth, and reduces production.
  6. Be sure to pick the fruit regularly. The fruit can become mushy if you wait too long between harvests.

Raspberries can be turned into jelly or jam if you do not want to eat them all at once. They will last longer if stored in the freezer. Raspberries make excellent jams.

Be sure to prune summer fruiting vines on the ground during the fall months.

Cut the fruit during mid-autumn, winter, or early spring months. Remember to apply fertilizer during the spring months as well. Lastly, be sure to mulch well to help your soil retain water.

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