Making the Most of A Small Bedroom Space

For the majority of people, the bedroom is our first experience of feeling a sense of ownership over private space.

It’s not just where we sleep; it’s the place where we go to escape the world – whether we’re moody teenagers slamming the bedroom door on an exasperated parent or overworked adults escaping from the stresses of the day for some much needed R&R.

Studies have shown that a spacious, well-ordered bedroom is far more conducive to good sleep and lower stress levels than a cramped and disordered space. But what if you only have a small bedroom space to work with?

There are obvious limitations to a smaller bedroom, but they can be overcome with some careful planning and an awareness of the space you have available to you. Here are some tips to make the best out of your small bedroom space.

Tips to Make the Most of A Small Bedroom Space

Not every house owner has the luxury of a big bedroom some have a small and compact space. A bedroom is a place to rest and relax. But if you can design it properly you can make the most out of the small space available.

1. Choosing the Bed

First of all, you should consider the centerpiece of your bedroom – the bed itself.

Many people think that when it comes to modern beds, bigger automatically means better, but if your bed is taking up all of the available floor space in your room, you might benefit from downsizing.

Making the most of a Small Bedroom Space
Making the Most of A Small Bedroom Space

It isn’t a simple choice between single and double–specialist bed retailers like Silentnight offer beds in a variety of measurements, so it might be worth finding out the dimensions of your existing bed and shopping around to see if you can find a smaller one that still offers you the comfort you need.

2. Do Away with the Head Board

A headboard takes a lot of wall space and removing it not only saves your wall space but it also saves your floor space. You can push the bed right next to the wall to save some floor space.

3. Maximizing Your Storage Space

  • Maximizing your storage space is another good way to avoid clutter and open out your room. You can now buy beds with multiple drawer options, which can be used in place of a separate set of drawers for storing clothes or files.
  • Utilise the space under the bed to full extent, use it as a storage to keep clothes, shoes and more.
  • You can also utilize corners shelves to hold decorative pieces, vases, lamps, etc. Creating a closet above the door can be used to create more storage space.
  • You can also create storage towers inside the bedroom to add more space for storing things.
  • You could also install wall-hung lamps and shelves to replace floor lamps and bookcases. Anything that gives you more floor space is a good thing.

4. Use a lighter Color

You’d be surprised how the color scheme of a room can impact the way it feels. Dark colors on your walls can make a smaller bedroom feel cramped and depressing.

Use lighter shades on the walls and colors, and let cushions, mattresses, and rugs add some darker tones if you feel the need to create some contrast.

A whiter room appears lighter and aerier and it also counters the presence of large vacant spaces.

5. Allow Natural Light

You should also ensure that your room is letting in as much natural light as possible.

5. Decide the Electronics/Equipment

Finally, if you have a television in your room – consider whether you really need it. For some people, it’s essential – especially if you live with people who don’t share your taste in quality programming!

However, if you find that it’s rarely watched, or that you could just as easily watch TV elsewhere in the house, consider losing it.

Replacing a traditional television with a wall-mounted flat-screen is another good tactic – and one that is increasingly affordable as high-quality products drop in price.

6. Use Mirror

Using mirrors creates an illusion of space thus making smaller rooms appear bigger. So choose them wisely and install them properly.

7. Use Wallpaper

Use a wallpaper, be creative and choose a wallpaper that suits your personality your choice. Using lighter and minimalist theme wallpapers makes the small bedroom space more soothing.

8. Store Shoes Properly

It is a bad habit for us to throw our shoes after use. But this only makes the area cluttered and untidy. So an important step is to arrange them on a shoe rack. Try a wall hanging or foldable shoe rack to save space.

9. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Using multipurpose furniture is a great way to save space still benefit from keeping that furniture. For example, a folding bed that turns to a couch, a wall hanging board that converts into a desk, a coffee table that is a side table.

10. Decluttering

One of the most important ways is to make the small bedroom space look bigger is to declutter. Remove old clothes, shoes, magazines, books, and other stuff that is lying here and there.

Arrange them, discard, or store them under the bed. This will save a lot of floor space.

11. Use Stripes on the Walls

Paint the walls with stripes, this makes them look savvy and intact.


Although every bedroom is different, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your small bedroom space. One thing you could try is to remove the headboard of your bed.

If your room doesn’t have many windows, you could add mirrors on three of the walls to create an illusion of more space. Based on our experience, we recommend these tips for making the most out of any small bedroom space!

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