Moroccan Decorating Theme

Home decorating isn’t as challenging as you may think and having the colorful and exotic allure of the Moroccan decorating theme in your bedroom could be simple if you know which colors, accessories, and furniture to use. 

Moroccan decorating themes are distinctive, yet they are also subtle and soothing. These interiors have an exotic feel that will make your home feels like a vacation retreat for you and your family.

It is one of the best ways to make your home look elegant and stylish. You can create a Moroccan theme in your bedroom, living room and you can use it in other rooms as well.

This style is very popular nowadays and many people prefer to have this kind of design on their walls because it makes them feel relaxed and gives them a lot of positive emotions during the day.

Read the ideas below on how you can transform your bedroom to have the feel of exotic days.

1. Bedroom Interior

Moroccan decorating theme
Moroccan decorating theme Bedroom

Decorate with rich jewel tones colors for the tones in your Moroccan decor bedroom.  Go to your paint supply store and choose paint cards with the color shades in your range and select 2 or 3 that appeal to you.  Then you can take the cards with you when shopping for accessories and always get a perfect match.

In the bedroom, you can add atmosphere with flower vases and photos in frames in addition to bed and nightstands.  You want to end up with an exotic style with dark wood furniture. 

Give some thought to the furniture and accessories you use in order to compliment your Moroccan decor appearance.

Your decorating project ought to plan for exotic woods and inlaid décor to add appeal, but you also need to consider the walls, windows, and floors. 

2. Windows and Draping

Moroccan drapings
Moroccan Drapings

Window treatments for the Moroccan decorating theme should be heavy.  Try enhancing your windows with fabric drapes. 

Once you have your windows decorated, you might notice your walls are boring in contrast.  To get your walls looking wonderful try using deep rich artwork in groups.

3. Appealing Light

Moroccan lights
Moroccan Lights

You should also make sure to get appealing lighting for your theme.  The bedrooms usually have bedside lamps as lights.  Pick lighting that is colorful and subdued or colorful with deep jewel-toned shades to match with the Moroccan decorating theme decorating approach.

Another major element that will help give the room design an appeal together is flooring and rugs. Adding area rugs to your Moroccan decorating theme bedroom can really improve its appearance. 

What you should consider for your colorful and exotic look is luxurious rugs in rich colors like reds and purples.

4. Moroccan Accessories

Moroccan accessories
Moroccan Accessories

To add even more decorative appeal to your Moroccan decor consider inlaid wooden boxes on your tables or ethnic brass pieces on shelves along with plants, beaded fringe, and leatherbound books to make the most of your decor. 

To soften up the room, consider including pillows that are made from velvety materials in deep colors and also various plants.

Having a Moroccan decorating theme bedroom can be a breeze if you take care to properly plan what you want in the room and where to put it. 

Shop thoroughly for only the items in your plan and add them to the room accordingly and you’ll have the interesting feel of exotic days before you know it!


Moroccan decorating theme can be the right choice for your home. There are lots of Moroccan place settings available on the internet. The Moroccan theme in the home design is very popular amongst people in South America.

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