Popular Knifes For Cutting Microgreens

Are there Knifes For Cutting Microgreens? If yes, why so? What exactly are Microgreen harvesting knives used for? If you are a new Microgreen gardener or farmer, you must be puzzled over the answer to this question at least a little. The most essential item in a Microgreen gardener’s toolbox is a Microgreen cutting knife.

Although there are several Microgreen knives, they are used to cut plants without uprooting with soil on them. We will guide you to having the best Microgreen cutting knife on this page.

Along with suitably choosing a Microgreen knife, we have also covered some technical aspects of using Microgreen knives appropriately. Continue reading to learn more about the top 3 most popular Microgreen cutting knife acquaintances and the wide varieties of Microgreen cutting blades.

What is a Microgreen Cutter Knife?

What is a Microgreen cutting knife? You may wonder if gardening is new to you. Microgreen cutting knives are one of the essentials among Microgreen farming tools- indoor microgreen home growing or professional microgreen farming. Although there are many different Microgreen cutting knives for sale, the most common type has a small, sharp blade around 3-6 inches long and a robust wooden or plastic handle. Pruning knives come in both one-piece and folding varieties. Every Microgreen gardener has a preferred aesthetic. Blades for Microgreen knives can be either straight or hooked. Now, it’s to justify selective factors for Microgreen cutting tools.

Selecting The Best Microgreen Cutter Knife

Choosing the best knife for harvesting Microgreens can be a little challenging if you are new or a problem-facer with tiny Microgreen culturing. Choosing a perfect knife is to decide on the following factors before you want to use the knives for Microgreens to chop, manage and harvest. 

Manufacturing matters:

The best Microgreen knives should be manufactured from the finest materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel, or high-carbon steel. Carbon fiber is often preferred because it’s lighter and more flexible and can easily be shaped into thin strips or even molded to fit one’s hand perfectly. They provide a little bit more control when cutting with Microgreens because they are stiffer than their regular steel counterparts. Flexibility is always necessary when using a sharp edge to cut Microgreens to be the most high-quality knife. Ceramic Microgreen knives are also great though re-sharpening is a bit harder.

Casing and user guide:

If a Microgreen knife set can’t meet the premium set statuses, it should include a case. The top-class Microgreen knives will consist of excellent instructions. It would be preferable in this situation to spend a little extra and obtain a Microgreen knife case with a user manual. To safeguard the Microgreen knife against water damage, ensure the issue is entirely waterproof. This will prevent the blade from potentially developing rust. It could be necessary to get a lifetime blade if you notice that your blades rust easily.

Store to protect: 

It’s also crucial how you keep your blades stored. Keep them dry and away from moisture at all times. Make sure the region around the edge is also arid if you hold them wet. You should add a little oil or rub some cooking oil onto the blade if it becomes soaked. Be careful not to allow any metal to touch the cutting area when using Microgreen chopper knives. 

Safety factor:

It would help if you also thought about how to keep the Microgreen knife safe for cutting Microgreens. See- you want to avoid being stranded with a bladed weapon drawn amid a jungle. Check to see if the Microgreen harvesting knife is appropriate for the cutting you’ll be doing. You should spend money on a blade guard if you use a saw. The way the knife is held should be your final consideration when shopping for a decent one. The Microgreens knife must be held most advantageously. Slippage shouldn’t occur. The primary priority should always be safe when using a Microgreen chopping knife. Apart from the convenient sizes and handy styles, it would help if you started by testing out a few knives for Microgreen cutting you may find for safer feelings. 

Durability factor:

You should need a more comfortable microgreen knife that cuts smoothly and neatly because you will use it daily. That, however, would require a much more durable microgreen knife. In that sense, the most excellent Microgreen knives have at least stainless steel blades of the highest caliber. Due to their lack of outdoor exposure, the edges will maintain their sharpness longer. These Microgreen knives also have great replacement blades. However, adequate maintenance is still required to ensure the Microgreen knife’s longevity.

Handle with care:

The wooden handle is the most common. It’s, however, the least ergonomic, and the grips can get slippery. Various additional options are available, such as metal-handled Microgreen knives, some of which feature v-grooves if you have thick hair or a darker complexion.

Cutting surface for Microgreen:

The plastic cutting board is an additional choice. It requires the slightest effort to cut through them, making it the easiest to handle. To grow Microgreens, you may need a cutting surface that is more flexible. For this, plastic is the ideal material.

Size does matter:

It would help if you also thought about how much you will be chopping. Blades come in a wide range of sizes. A tiny Microgreen knife with a six-inch blade should generally be more than adequate if you intend to use your knife for chopping little stems and other smaller items. On the other hand, always check to fit your good palm size. 

Brand and price:

It’s time to compare the blades to discover which Microgreen knife is the best. Pick a few different blades from the same manufacturer. In this manner, you can be confident that you are purchasing an excellent Microgreens harvesting knife at a fantastic price. Once you’ve discovered a tremendous Microgreen knife, you must take good care of it. 

Comfort point:

The last quality to consider in a decent Microgreen knife for cutting Microgreens is whether or not it will be comfortable for you. You should purchase an easily usable knife for Microgreen cutting with less effort day to day operation.

3 Popular Knifes For Cutting Microgreens

  1. Use a sharp-edged ceramic Microgreen knife:

The Microgreens stem’s compounds do not affect it. As a result, there is a reduced risk that the branch will oxidize and turn brown when cut.

  1. Use a flat edged high, carbon steel Microgreen knife:

Choose a blade with a wide exposed blade that resembles a cleaver rather than a standard knife or its sickle-curved equivalent and a flat edge that permits a clean cut. The high carbon material means you are receiving the highest quality with a smaller and more lightweight feel, and it’s also more dependable than standard stainless steel.

  1. Use an ultra-sharp Japanese Microgreen knife:

Elegant Japanese Microgreen knives are highly sought-after for both the cuts they make and their exquisite, intricate design. Japanese Microgreen knife for Microgreen cutting tends to be thinner, sharper, and more delicate than German blades, which are frequently heavy and occasionally bulky.

Our Pick for Top 10 Microgreens Knives:

We have found ten Microgreen knife brands that will work best for slicing Microgreen stems. There will be no bruised stems and a longer “shelf life” thanks to the narrow tapered blade’s ability to be sharpened to an extreme degree.

  1. Cutco Model 1766 Santoku Microgreen Knifе
  2. Hamilton Beed Electric Microgreen Knife
  3. High Carbon Steel Usuba Microgreen Knife
  4. Marico Ultra Sharp Premium Microgreen Knife
  5. Mercer Culinary Green Millennia Microgreen Knife 
  6. Reset Microgreens Knife
  7. Senbon Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Microgreen Pocket Knife
  8. Victorinox Swiss Classic Straight Edge Microgreen Knife
  9. Zenport K113 Row Microgreen Harvest Knife 
  10. Electric Quick Cut Greens Microgreen Harvester Knief

Electric Knife For Microgreens: Pros And Cons

A knife, by Technology, is a machine. However, see the two sides.

Electric Knife For Microgreens Pros: 

  • Cut Microgreen within seconds.  
  • No damage to your delicate greens.
  • Efficiently and evenly cut.

Electric Knife For Microgreens Cons:

  • The setup is heavier
  • For large-scale professional farming, Microgreen only

Why You Should Not Use Scissors for Microgreen cutting

We don’t recommend Microgreen scissors because the two blades tend to tear the stems of Microgreens instead of cutting them. But a sharp Microgreen knife can miss if you wield it right. It was seen under a microscope.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Knife For Microgreens

When your Microgreens develop their first set of genuine Microgreen leaves, you should cut them well. That entails only the actual plant leaves, as opposed to fake leaves. Remember- the earliest set of developing leaves are cotyledons, which are not true leaves. 

But anyway, you have to be intelligent and handy when harvesting Microgreens. Please do not cut them all at once and store them for the next few days because Microgreens only stay young for one day. So undoubtedly, you understand that every day you need to grab a great Microgreen knife before putting microgreens on your feet. So you need to know how to select the correct blade and pull the knife pouch.

  • During Microgreen harvesting, it’s essential to ensure that they all come up at once neatly and, of course, with a skillful, sharp stroke. If even one or two among the many are uprooted, they may be covered with soil and unsuitable for packing.
  • Use Microgreen harvesting knives to chop the green stems off parallel at the soil level.
  • Microgreens should NOT be pulled out of the ground to be harvested. The roots of every plant will be disturbed.

A prevalent saying is heard by everyone everywhere—any knife cuts by edge or by weight. When cutting Microgreens, you must complete the work with the edge. If you apply consequences, some plants will have more and some less pressure. This uneven pressure will cause some plants to come up with their roots or rhizomes. The soil will stick to them. It’s difficult to sort them again and cut them from the middle to exclude the root side. So selecting the right sharp Microgreen knife should complete Microgreen chopping within a stroke. You don’t have to worry, though, because the stems of Microgreens are pretty soft and weak.

  • Hence, a single stroke is best; accordingly, you must select the right sharp blade knife from the beginning.

There is no need to select a tough fan knife to cut tree stumps or meat bones. 

  • Generally, you apply once on a plain paper sheet. If it can cut from the top to the bottom of the seat in one go, you know you’ve selected the right knife for your Microgreens.


Can I pull or cut Microgreens?

To harvest Microgreens, remember some basics. Don’t pull Microgreens out of the medium or soil. That’ll disrupt all the roots. In its place, cut the Microgreens at soil level with sharper knives.

How to safely cut Microgreens?

Washing your hands is the first thing you should do before harvesting. Suppose you’re an indoor Microgreen gardener or you are operating a company producing these Microgreens for customers or other people. In that case, microgreen-cutting sanitation is crucial and should be addressed seriously. Additionally, during Microgreen cutting, harvesting gloves should always be used.


Microgreens are cut by shearing their tops, which separates them from their stems. They are so tiny and delicate that the process is straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of force. Avoid scissors and regular kitchen knives for Microgreen cutting.

Cleanly chop the stems; avoid bringing or pushing to not let soil or dirt clump into your harvest. To sharpen Microgreen cutter knives, have a Work Sharp tool. Another thing, use the best knife for cutting Microgreens with the best of your common sense.

Always sanitize the Microgreen knife and keep it under a paper towel. Lastly, be a sharp and smooth micro cutter to harvest your Microgreens for a green, healthy life. Our help will help you.

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