Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Home decorating with a Rustic home decorating theme doesn’t have to be a challenge and can allow for an appealing natural and cozy look in your bedroom. 

Here are 8 rustic bedroom decorating ideas and designs on how you can transform your bedroom to have the atmosphere of a mountain cabin.

Rustic and country decorating is all about creating a warm, cozy, welcoming space that seems to welcome you. This type of style is fresh and pretty, but it isn’t delicate. It’s a bit more masculine than feminine.

Rustic styles can incorporate lots of nature-inspired elements like burlap fabric and twigs as well as softer themes like flowers or birds.

Adopt earthy and natural colors as the color scheme for your Rustic bedroom decoration.  Go to your local hardware store and pick out paint cards with the colors you prefer and take home 2 or 3 that you like. 

You can take the cards with you when shopping for furniture and accessories and be assured that the colors will match.

8 Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Designs

rustic bedroom decorating ideas
Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Add Flower Vases or Photo Frames

In the bedroom, add a decorative touch by adding flower vases and photos in frames as well as bed and nightstands.  Go for a natural and rustic style with natural log furniture. 

A careful selection of accessories and furniture will add appeal to your Rustic decorating theme.

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

2. Adopt a Natural Theme

Your decorating project ought to give some thought to pieces from nature or with a natural theme for adding flavor to the room, but the windows, walls, and flooring are important too. 

Window treatments for the Rustic home decorating theme should be rustic, natural. 

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

3. Use Wooden Blinds in Windows

Try decorating your windows with wood blinds.  After you get that perfect look on your windows, you’ll probably notice that your walls seem kind of plain.  To overcome this, try adding outdoorsy prints or photos in rough bark frames.

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

4. Lighting Lamps

When decorating, you should also consider the lighting.  bedrooms are better off with bedside lamps for lighting.  Look for lighting that is earthy with natural themes or made from deer antlers to add zip to the Rustic home decorating theme design.

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

5. Add Area Rugs

You should also incorporate flooring into your design theme and add area rugs to your
A rustic home decorating theme bedroom can make the room look appealing. 

What you should keep in mind for the natural and cozy style are organic, woven, or oriental rugs which you ought to purchase in earthy colors.

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

6. Deer Antler Lamps or Chandeliers

To compliment your Rustic decorating try deer antler lamps and chandeliers about the room or woodsy outdoors prints in wood bark frames plus taxidermy, snowshoes, and red and black plaid throws to round out your interior design. 

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

7. Add Nature-Inspired Elements

The influence of nature is undeniable, with the natural elements helping to create simple, beautiful, and modern spaces. Use elements like twine twigs, rustic twig frames, burlap fabric, burlap or jute fabric background with cardboard, etc.

You might also add pillows that are plain or have animal silhouettes and also some greenery and plants.

rustic bedroom decorating ideas

8. Use a Softer Theme like Flowers or Birds

A soft theme like flowers, small animals, and birds can be a very good option to make the rustic look of your bedroom.


Putting together a Rustic home decorating theme bedroom can be a snap if you plan it out correctly.  Simply choose the items on your plan and put them in place – your room with have the feel of a mountain cabin in no time!

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