Japanese paper lanterns

There are lots of ways to make sure that your party goes off without a hitch. Sometimes, it can be easy to spend a fortune on party supplies, but you don’t always have to.

If you are trying to host a certain event or occasion, then here is a quick lighting tip that may save you both time and money.

Japanese paper lanterns can be a cool idea that portrays Love, brightness, and Protection from Evil Spirit.

For a great sophisticated, cultured look for the party, then you may want to use Japanese paper lanterns to lighten the mood. This will provide you with both lighting and décor in one move, which is always great if you’re looking to multitask.

What are Japanese paper lanterns called?

Japanese paper lanterns are known as Crochin ( In Japanese) and refer to Split bamboo frames covered with Paper and they are designed to hang anywhere from the hook or a pole. The best part is that they can be folded flat after use.

Japanese paper lantern
Japanese Paper Lanterns

What are Japanese paper lanterns for?

Japanese paper lanterns or commonly referred to as “Crochin” are traditional decorative items used in Japan for centuries. They were originally made of oiled paper, but have also been made using tissue paper and rice paper.

Today they are a popular decoration item in many homes and businesses during the summer festival season (mostly spring).

Japanese Paper Lantern History

Japanese paper lantern is used during ceremonies, festivals, and holidays in Japan. Paper lanterns are a prevalent decorating symbol in Japanese festivals.

There’s an old legend about two lovers who were not allowed to marry each other because of social class differences; they committed suicide by jumping into Lake Biwa together holding a paper lantern. The light from their lantern was said to be seen across the lake for many years afterward and was thus considered a symbol of unrequited love.

What Are Japanese Paper Lanterns?

Japanese paper lanterns are not to be confused with Chinese paper lanterns. They are actually different in a few aspects. Chinese paper lanterns don’t actually require the maker to add a wireframe, while Japanese paper lanterns hold their frame utilizing a thin wire structure.

Now, this may make them more expensive by about $0.20 per lantern, but that is not really a big cost.

The Difference Between Japanese & Chinese Paper Lanterns

chinese vs Japanese paper lantern
Chinese vs Japanese Paper Lantern

Many people like the Japanese paper lanterns style better than the Chinese. Perhaps the reason is that the Chinese variant feels boxier and less illuminated, while the Japanese style looks more like a floating orb.

Either way, both styles will look great in any party or outdoor decor.

Let’s see what are the differences between Chinese and Japanese Paper Lanterns

1. Difficulty In Making

One of the big differences is that Japanese paper lanterns are going to be a bit more difficult to make. Not because they will take more time or skill, but it is because they have parts that you will not necessarily find in your home.

So, either you will have to get creative, or you will need to order the supplies online.

You may only want to construct your lanterns if you have a huge number of them to make. If not, then you may only be wasting money, supplies, and time.

That is one of the reasons why some people decide that they would rather just buy them outright.

2. Use of Silk

Another difference between Chinese and Japanese Paper Lantern is the use of Silk in the making. Japanese paper lanterns may contain silk while making them but their Chinese counterparts do not use any other material than paper.

Buying the Lanterns- Different Designs

Japanese paper lanterns designs
Japanese Paper Lantern designs

If you are looking to buy the lanterns, then all you will need to do is go to your local dollar store or party store. There, you will find all kinds of paper lanterns for cheap prices.

In fact, they are so cheap that they are quickly becoming the preferred way to light a party. Of course, while the paper may be cheap, the battery-powered lighting unit on the inside is not, so, there is something you can improvise.

Japanese Paper Lanterns: Improvised

The best way to improvise the lighting unit is to… well… do you have any Christmas lights lying around up in the attic?

All you have to do is use sections of Christmas lights to provide the lighting for your Japanese paper lanterns. Not only do most people have access to Christmas lights, but they also have them just lying around waiting to be used during “non-Christmas” activities.

Japanese paper lanterns proved to be a great alternative if you are hoping to light a party for an occasion or just for quick and simple outdoor decorating. If you don’t have a ton of money, then don’t worry.

How to make Japanese Paper Lantern- DIY

He is a quick guide on how to make a Japanese paper lantern at home.

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