Use your Leaf Blower to Clear Snow

Are you struggling to get out of your home after last night’s heavy snowfall? If you are living in North America like Canada, USA chances are you will find it difficult to move your vehicle to your work, or your son’s school.

People use a snow shovel to remove the huge pile of snow sitting on top of their car. Snowblowers are a great relief for those who want to clear snow off their backyards, driveway, and sidewalks.

In this guide, we will tell you how to use your leaf blower to clear snow from your car or vehicle.

Leaf blowers are a great tool for you to clear dry snow from your backyard, sidewalk, or vehicle. They are convenient to use and have a lot of power to blow snow off. 

Leaf Blowers Vs Snow Blowers- Why Use a Leaf Blower

Snowblowers are used predominately for blowing snow but there are many circumstances where using a leaf blower is sufficient. 

Let’s see why you should use a leaf blower over a snowblower,

1. Compact and Lightweight

Leaf blowers are convenient to use as they are compact, handheld, and lightweight machines. The average weight of a leaf blower is 4.5 Pounds(2 Kgs). Snowblowers are heavy-duty machines and the average weight is approximately 50 pounds(23 kgs).

2. Convenient to Use

Handling compact and lightweight machines takes very little effort as compared to using a heavy-duty machine-like snowblower. Using a leaf blower is less strenuous on your hand and body.

3. Places you can blow snow off

There are some places that cannot be reached by a snowblower like a car or steps, these small places need a special tool like a leaf blower that can blow snow off the car and any unreachable area.

4. Light Layer of Snow

Snowblowers are powerful machines that can blow a heavy pile of snow but when there is a thin pile of snow up to 1 inch, it is better to use a leaf blower. 

5. Multi-purpose Use

You need a multi-purpose tool that can also help in blowing the leaves, blowing your pet’s hair from the chair, sofa, car seat, and cleaning the car interior.

Factors to Consider While Using a Leaf Blower to Clear Snow

Using a leaf blower is handy and can blow snow in minutes from your vehicle, driveway, or steps. But there are certain things that you need to consider while using a leaf blower to clear snow.

1. The thickness of the Snow

Leaf blowers have limited power than snowblowers. Snowblowers are ideal for 12 inches thick snow piles whereas leafblowers can handle up to 1-inch deep snow.

If you are leaving in an area where the overnight snowfall is too intense then you might want to reconsider using a leaf blower to clear snow.

2. Dry Snow Vs Wet Snow

There are 3 types of snow Dry, Powdery, and Wet. A leaf blower works great if it is dry and powdery snow that is light and easier to blow. But wet snow requires more power to be blown away. 

3. Handheld or Backpack

Leaf blowers are compact machines that blow snow from different areas that are not covered by a snowblower.

You can use the leaf blower anywhere in the backyard, driveway, steps, vehicle, patio, or deck. Handheld leaf blowers are good for a thin pile of snow but to remove a large pile of snow you need a bigger machine like a backpack leaf blower.

A handheld leaf blower has an average speed of 140 MPH(Miles per Hour) and 330 CFM(Cubic Feet Per Minute) whereas a backpack leaf blower has an average of 155 MPH and 550 CFM.

Key Precautions

There are certain points that you should take care of while using the leaf blower rto blow snow from your backyard. These points are

1. Prevent Moisture:

Moisture is always a trouble for tools. Moisture does not get along well with electric tools like a leaf blower. When you use a leaf blower to blow snow chances are snow will get into the machine.

When this snow melts to water it can cause damage to the tool. Let the machine dry in sunlight or with a  dryer after every snow-blowing job. This will evaporate any water present in the tool.

2. Take Rest:

A machine does not require rest but to utilize a machine to its full extent we must give it sufficient break-time. When the leaf blower starts making abnormal sounds, flow and speed are reduced it’s time for it to rest. 

Machines are not meant for rest but if you give an adequate gap between two uses then the machine lasts longer and gives optimum results and power.

3. Electric:

Electric leaf blowers can sometimes look inconvenient to use on the snow. Though it’s snow you are dealing with water and there is always a chance of electric shock hazard.

Use them with caution otherwise, you can use cordless battery-powered leaf blowers and gas leaf blowers as alternatives.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower for Blowing Snow?

A leaf blower is primarily designed to blow leaves and it is capable of blowing snow but to a limited extent. But if you are living in an area where there is heavy snowfall and you want to use your leaf blower to clear snow.

Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying a leaf blower.

1. Hardcore Leaf Snow Blower

Choose a leaf blower that is a hardcore leaf and snowblower. Blowing snow off the ground requires more power than blowing leaves.

Snow piles have powdery snow at the top and ice at the bottom which sticks to the ground making it difficult for leaf blowers to clear them off.

Choose a leaf blower that is designed for snow blowing.

2. Motor Power

Clearing snow off the gate, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and steps requires greater motor power than blowing leaves. A leaf blower with a turbo mode is an ideal tool for blowing snow. It has more power and throws air at a faster speed.

Go for a motor that has at least 450 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and 170 MPH(miles per hour).

3. Cordless Machine

Corded leaf blowers are difficult to maneuver while clearing snow but a cordless one is easier to handle. You can take them to any part of your driveway or backyard without any hassle.

Best Brands of Leaf Blowers to Blow Snow

There are many trusted and great tools-making brands that sell leaf blowers online and offline. Some of the popular brands that are available,

  1. Ekaco
  2. K Voltcore
  3. KIMO
  4. Aiper Smart
  5. Snap Fresh
  6. Greenworks
  7. Powersmart
  8. Maxlander and many others.

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